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Estado Actual: TestNet en progreso#

Actualizado a Julio 2020

✓ = requerido para el hito


TestNetPro TestNetPre MainNetMainNetEstado
Network set up and stabilizedcompletado
Documentation available in the Github repository to deploy nodescompletado
Documentation available in the Github repository on topology and architecturecompletado
Documentation available in the Github repository on how to deploy your appscompletado
Validator nodes enabledcompletado
Writer nodes enabledcompletado
Boot nodes enabledcompletado
Smart-contract based permissioningen progreso
App for managing permissioningcompletado
Privacy leveraged as native
Dashboard for nodescompletado
Transaction exploreren progreso
Dashboard of entities running nodescompletado
Interface to visualize node's activityen progreso
Tracking system to follow and fix installation issues
Smart-contract based local whitelistingcompletado
Dashboard of applications runing on the blockchain
Follow installation issues via a defined tracking system to enable and fix installation problems
Cloud vendor integration
Gas schema to manage the use of the networkcompletado
Observer nodes enabledcompletado
Smart-contract-based rotation of core nodes
Node's activity monitoreden progreso
Markeplace of applications
Smart-contract based gas schemacompletado
Data anlytics toolsen progreso
Quantum safe protocolos and algorithms


TestNetPro TestNetPre MainNetMainNetEstado
Installation supportcompletado
Writer nodes allowed to run tests and demoscompletado
Writer nodes allowed to run tests, demos, POCs, MVPs and sandboxes
Writer nodes allowed to run applications in production
Cloud integration for node deploy and maintenance
24/7 technical support


TestNetPro TestNetPre MainNetMainNetEstado
Test-net disclaimercompletado
Terms and Conditions for core nodescompletado
Terms and Conditions for writer nodescompletado
Privacy policycompletado
On-boarding agreement formscompletado
Forbidden use casescompletado
SLAs for operation
Terms and conditions for satellite nodes
Legal coverage
Service agreement for node providers
Business policies
Economics model

Estándares y Protocolos#

TestNetPro TestNetPre MainNetMainNetEstado
DIDs methods compatible to LACChain registered at W3C
Templates, standards and protocols for verifiable credentials and presentations in areas as education, land registry, …

Identificación y Aautenticación#

TestNetPro TestNetPre MainNetMainNetEstado
Nodes identified and authenticated with DIDs and verifiable credentials
LACChain ID app with different wallets integrated


TestNetPro TestNetPre MainNetMainNetEstado
Satellite Permissioning Committee (SPC) constitued and operative
Core Permissioning Committee (CPC) constituted and operative

Tokenized Fiat Money#

TestNetPro TestNetPre MainNetMainNetEstado
Regulated tokenized fiat money enabled


TestNetPro TestNetPre MainNetMainNetEstado
Blockchain Network Insurance Coverage
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